We design tailor-made holidays for an inclusive cost that you can afford. Here are our best suggestions for organising your get away:

Cheap flights

Although flights are rarely advertised as free, it is possible to pay little to nothing for flights, particularly if you have saved money on a credit card or earned enough points with an airline’s loyalty programme. If you are unable to take advantage of free flights, use our form to search for cheap economy and business class fares and for great last minute deals.

Rent your home

If you are thinking of going away for longer, you may wish to consider renting out your home to make extra money while you away. Holiday lettings have become a popular way of funding traveling. If you are likely to spend a lot of time away from home, you may wish to take certain items with you.

Work overseas


Many people continue to fund their travel once they have arrived at their destination. There is a whole host of jobs available for travellers. You could work in a bar, become a travel rep or teach English. If you are very lucky, you might not even have to quit your day job to go travelling by working remotely!


Stay with locals


Although many people are wary of staying with people they do not know, staying with locals is a great way to get a unique experience whilst spending little or no money. Speak to our experts to find out about how we can connect you with locals at your chosen destination.


Find a flight by region


Marrakech - return from $206

Johannesburg - return from $439

Cape Town - return from $459


Perth - return from $400

Melbourne - return from $380

Auckland - return from $444


Bangkok - return from $287

Hong Kong - return from $329

Singapore - return from $336

Latin America

Santa Marta - return from $390

Sao Paulo - return from $435

Bogota - return from $466

North America

New York - return from $283

Miami - return from $320

Los Angeles - return from $360


Paris - return from $120

Reykjavik - return from $100

Kiev - return from $135


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