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We live on a big planet. With so many destinations to choose from, planning your perfect trip can take time and effort. At Excellent Adventures, we take the stress away from travel planning. We are a team of travel experts with decades of experience, helping you to make the most out of your holiday. Use our form above to start planning your next adventure.  


Why book with us?


Our purpose is to assist you in all aspects of travel planning, from start to finish. We know from experience that one of the main reasons why many people decide not to travel is cost. When all you can find are extortionate prices for flights and other travel expenses, the decision to stay at home is often the easiest one to make. Our team will take away the financial and logistical burdens of going traveling, so that you can turn your dream holiday into reality.


Holidays tailored to your budget


By booking with us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best available deals on flights and holidays. If you are running on a tight budget, you could consider borrowing money to fund your trip abroad. In addition, our experts will help you come up with a budget to spend less, set a savings target and even provide hints and tips on how to find short-term work at your destination.


Expert travel advice


Our passionate team will take time to discuss your interests and needs from your trip and offer specific advice on hundreds of destinations throughout the world. We are continuously diversifying our flight, accommodation and car hire options to ensure that you are always getting the best possible deal. By getting in touch with us today you could have the chance to win fantastic personalised Samsung phone cases to start your holiday in style.


Find a flight by region


Marrakech - return from $206

Johannesburg - return from $439

Cape Town - return from $459


Perth - return from $400

Melbourne - return from $380

Auckland - return from $444


Bangkok - return from $287

Hong Kong - return from $329

Singapore - return from $336

Latin America

Santa Marta - return from $390

Sao Paulo - return from $435

Bogota - return from $466

North America

New York - return from $283

Miami - return from $320

Los Angeles - return from $360


Paris - return from $120

Reykjavik - return from $100

Kiev - return from $135


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